Protective Pistol 1

Safe. Accurate. Confident.




Protective Shooting Concepts provides Western Pennsylvania and the surrounding region with full-spectrum firearms training, in both open enrollment and private environments.




Our tactics, techniques, and procedures are rooted in analysis of proven military, law enforcement, and competition methods.




Protective Carbine 1

Using a systematic approach to training, we design and develop our classes from the best available information and tailor them to YOU - the responsible armed American.




We continually evaluate the implementation of our programs to ensure that we are responsive to YOUR needs. Our goal is to provide YOU with the necessary tools to prevail against a lethal threat in the everyday world.




Protective Shooting Concepts will teach YOU to be safe, accurate, and confident with YOUR firearm. If YOU come to us with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn, we WILL build YOU into an exceptionally trained armed American.



Advanced Kalashnikov Clinic

We build safe shooters.




We build accurate shooters.




We build confident shooters.





- Jay Cunningham

Owner/Head Coach

Protective Shooting Concepts


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