Jay Cunningham is a 43 year old resident of Western Pennsylvania. He began serious firearms training in 2006 and continues to be a voracious student. As part of his own growth and development, Jay is actively coaching both novice and experienced shooters.


He has participated in over 1,000 hours of formal professional firearms training and is an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, and NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor.


Jay was a Vickers Shooting Method Regional Endorsed Instructor and was Colt AR-15 Armorer Certified by Ken Elmore of Specialized Armament. Jay is a founding and current Staff member of www.pistol-forum.com - for Teachers and Students of the Pistol.




Jay's Training Bio:



NRC Force-on-Force Controller Training - February, 2016

Instructor: Don Grim



Rangemaster Tactical Conference - February, 2015



World Class Pistol Skills - July, 2014

Instructor: Robert Vogel



Defensive Handgun III - July, 2014

Instructor: Rob Tackett



Advanced Handgun - June, 2014

Instructors: Pat Goodale & Rob Tackett



Rangemaster Tactical Conference - March, 2013



NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home - February, 2012

Instructor: Gregory Kesden



Practical Carbine/Pistol - December, 2011

Instructor: Jack Leuba



Combatspeed Pistol - October, 2011

Instructor: Dave Harrington



Private FoF/Handgun CQB - July, 2011

Instructors: Pat Goodale & Rob Tackett



Level 1 Carbine - July, 2011

Instructor: Larry Vickers



Extreme Close Quarters Concepts - April/May, 2011

Instructor: Craig Douglas



Level 1 Handgun - November, 2010

Instructor: Larry Vickers



Advanced Handgun - September, 2010

Instructor: Ken Hackathorn



Handgun CQB - August, 2010

Instructor: Pat Goodale



NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor Certification - May, 2010

Instructor: Dave Gemperle



Control Under Simulated Stress - April, 2010

Instructors: Todd Louis Green & Jack Leuba



Advanced Pistol/Carbine (Private) - February, 2010

Instructors: Larry Vickers & Ken Hackathorn



NRA Pistol Instructor Certification - October, 2009

Instructors: Evelyn Gower & Dave Moreford



Tactical Shotgun Operator - September, 2009

Instructor: Rob Haught



NRA Range Safety Officer Certification - August, 2009

Instructors: Evelyn Gower & Dave Moreford



Advanced Pistol/Carbine (Private) - March, 2009

Instructor: Larry Vickers



M16/M4/AR-15 Armorer Course - January, 2009

Instructor: Ken Elmore



Low Light Level II - November, 2008

Instructors: Larry Vickers & Ken Hackathorn



Concealed and Off-Duty Pistol - October, 2008

Instructor: David Pennington



Aim Fast Hit Fast - August, 2008

Instructor: Todd Louis Green



AK Series Weapons - June, 2008

Instructor: Larry Vickers



Advanced Pistol/Carbine (Private) - March, 2008

Instructor: Larry Vickers



Low Light Level I - November, 2007

Instructors: Larry Vickers & Ken Hackathorn



Basic Tactical Carbine - June, 2007

Instructor: Peter Georgiades



Basic/Intermediate Defensive Handgun - May, 2007

Instructor: John Farnam



AK Series Weapons - March, 2007

Instructor: Larry Vickers



One Day Handgun Clinic - September, 2006

Instructor: Anthony Ferrazzoli



Basic Tactical Carbine - June, 2006

Instructor: Peter Georgiades





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