Protective Shooting Concepts offers highly specialized Private Consulting for individuals, families, and small businesses centered on Beaver County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas of Ohio and West Virginia.


PSC will meet you at YOUR residence or small business venue to ensure that you achieve YOUR goals, whatever they may be. There are many available options, including but not limited to:



  • establishing comfort for novices in a relaxed setting


  • mindset, awareness, and risk recognition/mitigation dialogue


  • developing fundamental body mechanics using advanced weapons simulators


  • structured dry practice programs


  • home defense strategies and tactics inside YOUR OWN HOME


  • negotiating YOUR doorways, walls, and other obstacles while armed (simulated weapons)


  • low light employment of weapon-mounted lights (simulated weapons) and hand held lights in YOUR dark home


  • pistol/carbine/shotgun simulators in close quarters and urban environments, both static and moving


  • hardening YOUR home or small business venue


  • private individual firearms instruction for pistol, carbine, and shotgun (live weapons)*


  • private group firearms instruction for pistol, carbine, and shotgun (live weapons)*



*Private firearms training is held at your available gun range (please ensure you fully understand the range rules for your facility) or on your private property.


The baseline fee for Private Consulting is $50/hour per person; however, additional fees can apply depending upon variables. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a quote if you would like to work with Protective Shooting Concepts at your home, small business venue, or gun range.




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