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Objective Training Target


The PSC Objective Training Target (OTT) is designed to be a supremely versatile tool. The OTT is a two color, full size paper overlay which matches the size and shape of IDPA/USPSA/IPSC targets.


There is a 6" center-of-mass (COM) circle in the upper chest  We at Protective Shooting Concepts are very accuracy-oriented, and decided to eschew the common 8" COM circle.


There is a 3.5" broken square for a face box. We think our face box splits the difference between the overly generous IDPA -0 and the overly restrictive IPSC A Zone.


There is a 1" square in the middle of the face box, and four additional 1" squares flanking the COM circle.


A line rises straight above the head square, which is a close-range sights/bore offset indicator for the AR-15. This is an aid for newer shooters to understand how much holdover they must apply to place the round where they want it to go.


Down below there are five 3" circles staggered out in an X ("quincunx") pattern. These can be used for carbine offset accountability and variations on pistol and carbine Dot Torture. This five dot quincunx pattern is extraordinarily adaptable to a multitude of general purpose tests and drills.


We've come to use white on tan for several reasons: good daylight contrast, easy to see at night, and easy to write numbers or letters into the 3" circles with a Sharpie. The tan is the same color as IDPA/USPSA/IPSC targets, and most shooters already have tan bullet pasters.



Bundle of 25 Objective Training Targets

$20.00 shipped





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